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Solutions That Stand the Test of Time

At Jeppesen Gray Sakai P.S., we provide comprehensive legal solutions in the areas of estate law, business law and real estate.

These are not partial, quick-fix answers. Our thorough approach means that we look at the problem in all its aspects — legal, financial, and personal. We then draw upon our knowledge and experience to create lasting solutions that stand the test of time.

A Common-Sense Approach

At Jeppesen Gray Sakai P.S., we seek to achieve practical and workable solutions to problems that can be very complex. In our estate planning work for a client with an adult disabled child for example, we will carefully consider all aspects of the client’s situation. As attorneys with sensitivity to the unique needs of families, we can develop a solution that provides for the disabled child’s needs and enables the client to leave traditional legacies to the other children. Such a legal solution can provide immeasurable comfort and peace of mind to each member of the family.

Resolving Disputes

In addition to providing counsel and legal services in our practice areas, we are often called upon to resolve disputes in the areas of real estate and commercial law. Here again, we take a practical approach, by examining the stakes involved, the potential risks to our clients and the cost of various legal options.

We are skilled negotiators, and utilize mediation and arbitration when appropriate to achieve satisfactory outcomes in a cost-efficient manner. When necessary, we will litigate vigorously to assert our clients’ rights and achieve their goals.

A Synergistic Team Approach

While each client works directly with one attorney, that attorney works as part of a team of counselors with diverse skills and experience. Clients with complex problems that combine aspects of estate planning, business law and real estate can be assured we will develop solutions that account for and resolve all aspects of their cases.

Jeppesen Gray Sakai P.S. is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals in a complete, comprehensive and final manner.

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