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Facilitating The Purchase And Sale Of Business Enterprises

An entrepreneur who buys an existing business is embarking on an exciting journey, but one that is filled with potential peril. The seller of that same business can also experience great anxiety — as he or she entrusts the business and its employees to the new owner.

This is a law firm that facilitates the purchase and sale of businesses and business assets. We provide advice, counsel, and legal services that result in successful transactions — and the transfer of businesses to new owners who make those businesses thrive.

Our focus is on risk minimization and the facilitation of stability, growth and profitability.

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Successful Business Transitions

When considering a business purchase or sale, many factors must be examined and reviewed.

The attorneys have assisted in numerous business purchases, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. We can assist you in many ways.

Our firm can provide advice and counsel throughout the entire process. We can:

  • Draft the business purchase and sale agreement
  • Determine the optimal business entity (corporation, Sub S corporation, partnership or LLC)
  • Perform a valuation analysis
  • Draft related documents such as a non-compete agreement, non-disclosure agreement and consulting contract with the seller
  • Review the financing documents, promissory notes and loan arrangements
  • Handle issues relating to any commercial real estate component of the deal such as a lease or real property
  • Represent you at the closing

Business Succession

We have facilitated the transition of many businesses to family members and fellow owners. As in a conventional business purchase or sale, the key in a business succession is measuring the value of the enterprise and properly reflecting this value in the price and the terms of the deal.

In addition, the transition of a business to another family member or members requires consideration of the possibility of death, divorce, or retirement of an owner, and appropriate provisions in the sales contract.

We will work to facilitate a transition that protects your interests, minimizes risk, and enhances the viability and future of the enterprise.

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