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Commercial Litigation

Seattle, Washington Commercial Litigation Lawyer

When a contract dispute arises, the parties can often resolve it among themselves. If the positions of the parties harden, then capable legal representation is essential.

We have extensive experience in commercial litigation cases. Our approach is to such matters is thoughtful and orderly. When we go to court, we are energetic and vigorous in the protection of our client’s rights and the achievement of their goals.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in all types of commercial litigation, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Partner and shareholder disputes
  • Business torts
  • Real estate disputes
  • Employment contract disputes
  • And other types of business disputes

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Successfully Resolving A Commercial Dispute

Many people think of dispute resolution solely in terms of litigation. While that is certainly one option, there are several others.

Before undertaking commercial litigation, we carefully analyze the situation in risk/reward terms. We also look at ways to resolve the dispute in a manner favorable to our client, without need for an actual lawsuit. These include negotiation, mediation and arbitration, the use of which can achieve an acceptable outcome in a cost-effective manner.

In other cases, when the risks of inaction are high or when we are forced to do so by the actions of the other party, we consider the litigation option. We explain the risks and possible outcomes with our clients, and explain the potential costs.

When the client decides to go forward, we will vigorously pursue or defend the client’s interests in the courtroom.

Risk Minimization Strategies

Much of our work involves risk assessment. This includes the drafting and review of business contracts, review of loan documents and operating agreements and counsel in various ways to minimize legal risk.

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