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Medicaid And Asset Planning

Seattle Medicaid Planning Lawyers

We assist individuals and families with the complex process of becoming eligible for Medicaid while preserving valuable assets. In addition to developing asset protection strategies for clients, we assist the elderly with Medicaid applications, attend hearings, and file any necessary appeals. You do need a skilled elder law attorney to identify the best strategy for preserving the assets you have accumulated over a lifetime. Contact a Medicaid planning lawyer. We can help.

Strategies You Can Use To Protect Assets

We employ a variety of strategies to preserve assets. Our goal is to address current or possible long term care needs that may require you to seek Medicaid assistance while protecting your residence and other assets. Some of the mechanisms we have used to help our clients include:

  • gifting
  • asset protection and restructuring
  • identifying exempt assets
  • special needs trusts
  • testamentary trusts
  • irrevocable living trusts
  • purchasing certain types of annuity
  • transferring home to your child

When offering our clients different asset protection options, we take time to understand their long term plans and desires for their assets. Medicaid planning is part of estate planning, and so we do not conduct Medicaid planning in a vacuum. Instead we analyze the complete estate picture. In so doing, we provide our clients with options for their care and for the future of their families. Contact a skilled Medicaid planning and asset protection lawyer. Call at 425-454-2344.

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