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Walking You Through The Probate Process

We help executors and personal representatives settle estates. We assist them with all transactions needed to carry out the wishes of the deceased.

If disputes and conflicts arise in the course of settling an estate, our skilled litigators will resolve the dispute through mediation or arbitration, as required by TEDRA (Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act). Because a significant portion of our legal practice involves planning for an estate and drafting documents like wills and trusts, we have the knowledge needed to probate a will effectively—as a result of preparing the instruments, we know the entire process thoroughly. For an experienced and knowledgeable Bellevue probate lawyer, contact us. Call our Bellevue office at 425-454-2344.

What Steps Are Involved In Settling An Estate?

Settling an estate requires the submission of estate tax returns, including IRS Form 706. When questions about this tax return arise, our peoples use their knowledge of tax law to work with the IRS to resolve outstanding issues. Some of the estate settlement services we provide include:

  • filing state and federal estate tax returns, including form 706
  • assist in selling real estate and other property to settle an estate
  • defending against creditor claims
  • distributing estate assets in accordance with the wishes of the deceased
  • preparing inventories
  • retaining personal property and commercial appraisers, and business evaluators
  • conducting post mortem tax planning
  • distributing property according to the laws of intestacy if the deceased had no will

Executors and personal representatives should not have to undertake the probate process alone. If the estate is complex or substantial, a knowledgeable probate lawyer is essential. Contact an experienced probate attorney.

We Will Take Care Of The Details So You Can Focus On Family

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