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Consider Working With A Lawyer For Your Residential Real Estate Matters

We provide advisory and legal services in all matters related to residential real estate. We are particularly skilled in drafting real estate agreements and documents. We also advise on real estate transactions such as sales, purchases, leases, and loans, drafting all relevant documents when needed. We help resolve real estate disputes through litigation, negotiation, or mediation. For an experienced Washington real estate lawyer, contactonline or call 425-454-2344.

Some of topics our residential real estate clients are listed here.

  • purchase and sale agreements
  • title issues
  • joint ownership of property
  • landlord/tenant disputes
  • seller disclosure issues
  • leases and sub leases

We help people with all types of residential real estate matters, from purchasing a first or second home to investing in multi-family housing for the first time. We are also experienced in handling commercial real estate issues. Contact a residential real estate attorney. Call 425-454-2344.

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