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Special Needs Trusts

Washington Special Needs Trust Attorney

At the most basic level, a special needs trust can be set up to provide for the material comfort and well-being of a disabled child or incapacitated adult.

However, there is another, more sophisticated use for a special needs trust. It can be used to protect the assets of a parent or spouse — and prevent them from being consumed by the cost of long-term care for the disabled child or elderly person.

We have helped many people in the Seattle – Tacoma area establish special needs trusts. We understand the many complex rules that apply to such trusts, and how to structure them to achieve our client’s goals.

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The Uses Of A Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust (also called a supplemental needs trust) can be set up so that the beneficiary of the trust can receive the Medicaid benefits he or she needs to live life with comfort and dignity. At the same time, the person setting up the trust can protect their assets.

One of the biggest pluses of a special needs trust is that there is no look back period regarding the use of a trust for the purposes of obtaining SSI or Medicaid benefits.

The law regarding the use of special needs trusts for these purposes is highly complex and changes frequently. We work in this field on a daily basis. We understand the complex rules governing these trusts and we know how to use the law to help our clients achieve their goals.

Call us to discuss your situation. If a special needs trust is not right for you, there may be other estate planning tools that can protect your assets while still providing for the needs of your loved one.

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