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Setting You Up With The Basic Estate Planning Tools And Beyond

We prepare wills and trusts as part of our comprehensive estate planning services. A will details the wishes of an individual regarding property disposition and other matters after their death. A trust allows one person or organization to hold a legal interest in property that benefits another person or organization. Our attorneys are skilled drafters of wills and trusts, focusing on clients’ wishes and ensuring they understand the consequences of each instrument they can use. To begin developing one of these estate planning instruments, contact a skilled wills and trusts attorney. Call our Bellevue office at 425-454-2344.

We effectively represent clients in disputes over or challenges to any will or trust through litigation, mediation, or other alternative dispute resolution techniques mandated by TEDRA (Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act).

Estate Litigation – Guardianships – Living Wills

Our attorneys draft complex and simple wills, living wills, and health care directives for individuals at every asset level. We have helped establish almost every type of trust available. A sampling of our services is listed below.

  • guardianships for minor children
  • durable powers of attorney
  • living trusts
  • special needs trusts
  • establish QTIP trusts (qualified terminable interest property)

Each estate planning instrument or strategy articulates the client’s wishes for family and property and indicates how those wishes should be implemented. Each type of trust or will document exists to meet the specific situations and needs of individuals. To learn which instrument best meets your estate planning needs, contact an experienced wills and trusts lawyer. Call at 425-454-2344.

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